Why Self-Serve Terminals?
For many operators, self-serve fueling terminals enable the facility to offer around the clock fueling, capturing more revenue without increasing staffing costs. Self-serve terminals also enable you to focus line staff on tasks with higher margins, rather than stopping to fill 10-12 gallons.  


QT Petroleum on Demand has set the standard for self-serve fueling in the aviation and marine industries for over 25 years. With over 1,600 installations throughout the world, our self-serve fuel management systems are designed to operate in any climate, from Alaska to the Florida Keys.

In 2017, we introduced the M4000, the next-generation of self-serve fueling terminals.  The M4000 offers many new advancements including multiple communications options (including cellular, WiFi and Ethernet capable comms), a substantially improved user-interface, and automatic software upgrades. The M4000 is so impressive, it received Ground Support Worldwide Magazine’s Product Leader of the Year Award for 2018! Click on the M4000 tab to learn more!

Our Siteminder Fuel Management Software gives you the power to have a complete overview of your fueling operations. By capturing sales data from the QT POD Self-Service Fueling Terminals, Siteminder gives you on-site or remote access to the transaction, inventory and customer information you need to make sound business decisions.

QT POD also provides the best customer support in the industry. The QT POD Network Operations Center provides a dedicated support staff for your organization. Our highly trained staff are not only experts when it comes to our products, but in all components of the fueling systems with which we interface. Whether you need troubleshooting services or training, we are here to help. No matter the application, QT POD is the clear choice for self-serve fueling.