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"I want to compliment your company products. Having been inside the M3000 card reader and MultiDisplays I have noted the precision and attention to detail and overall quality that is shown in the fabrication of the units. It is a shame that the end user never sees the interior of the units, especially the card reader cabinet. First rate.  NASA should build to this level."- Pat Mornin, Sibran Properties, June 2009

​M3000 Self-Serve Fueling Terminal

The Model 3000 Self-Service Fuel Terminal sets the standard for retail automated fueling systems. Using a single integrated controller board, the M3000 has fewer parts than other systems. This uncomplicated design
means simple maintenance, 24-hour self-service operation and better reliability (average up-time greater than 99%).

With installations from Alaska to the Bahamas, the M3000 has proven to continue operating in the most extreme climates, providing reliable, maintenance free service for pilots and boaters throughout the world.

Compared to other providers, QT POD gives you competitive  pricing, lower labor costs and higher sales volume, all thanks to a complete on-site fuel management program that's designed for better
operations. The M3000 fuel terminal includes all hardware, plus optional Siteminder reporting and management software.