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  • Account management
  • Single Click Invoicing
  • Account Detail •
  • Basic Discounting
  • Access Schedules
  • Purchases
  • Remote Batch Close
  • Transaction Detail Log
  • Displays Detailed Sales Activity
  • Transmission of Terminal
  • Configuration
  • Ability to Send Customer Accounts to Terminal 
  • Ability to Remotely Retrieve Sales Activity
  • Auto Sales Retrieval Schedules
  • Tail/Registration Number Entry
  • Fuel Inventory Management
  • Tank Levels
  • Inventory Tolerances
  • Tax Tables
  • Audit Trail
  • Tiered Volume Discounting for Preferred Customers
  • Export to Excel
  • Accepts Private Issued Cards
  • Sales Summary For Fuel Sold, Net Sales & Gross Profit
  • Ability to Customize Customer Receipts
  • Ability to Block Fuel Types for Customers to Prevent Mis-Fueling •
  • Analyze Sales by Customer Activity, Region & Transaction Type
  • Advanced Filters to View Transactions by Date and Customer Name,
  • Advanced Filters to View Transaction by Fuel Type, Card Type or Processing Status
  • Ability to Customize Display Messages at Terminal

Siteminder Features

Our gateway software allows information can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
By capturing sales data from the QT POD Self-Service Stationary Fueling Terminals, Siteminder gives you on-site or remote access to the transaction, inventory and customer information you need to make sound business decisions. Using Siteminder, you can analyze stored data or generate instant customer, sales and inventory reports. Siteminder includes sales totals and inventory statistics in common international currencies and volume units.

Siteminder Fuel Management Software

Siteminder Fuel Management software automatically performs what would otherwise be time-consuming accounting tasks, from collecting data and producing analytical reports to making your fuel operation more efficient and profitable.