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M3000 & M4000 MultiDisplay

This high visibility, multi-line display was designed so that pilots can monitor their fueling transaction from their aircraft. This becomes particularly helpful when a pilot is trying to balance his or her fuel load on twin engine aircraft, eliminating the need to keep walking over to the fueling system to see how much fuel has been dispensed. The bright LED's also attracted pilots and boaters to your fueling location at night while displaying your current fuel price. The beveled lenses of the display also ensure that your customers can see the displays clearly even in direct sunlight. 

"The new display is a keeper! The acid test was being able to read the display in sunlight from more than 75 feet away from the unit and also at an angle of about 30 degrees either side of the center axis."
- Pat Mornin, Sibran Properties, June 2009


The weights and measures regulators in several states are adding this requirement to the certification of self-service terminals. With the same rugged design as our original high visibility display, the MultiDisplay meets the needs of all FBO's large & small.


m3000 sunshield combined.png

M3000 All-Weather Cover

All-Weather Cover Custom made for the M3000, this tough and durable cover will protect both the functionality and the appearance of your fueling terminal for years to come. The cover snaps on tight so that it will not come off in weather, while the Velcro front flap affords easy access to the M3000. 


m3000 Surge.jpg

M3000 TLX-50 Surge Suppressor

Protect your investment. This robust surge suppressor is designed to protect the M3000 terminal from lightning and electrical surges.

M3000 terminals equipped with the TLX-50 enjoy the added benefit of lightning damage coverage under and initial warranty and Platinum Service Plans.


M3000 Technical Support Documents

M3000 - M4000 Upgrade Instuctions V 1.0_

M3000 to M4000 Upgrade Installation Guide

This guide will assist you in the replacement of your legacy M3000 self-serve kiosk with the new M4000 model. Installations may vary so please contact QTpod technical support before attempting installation.

M3000 Sunset Notice:

Effective June 30, 2020, QTpod has discontinued all product support for all M3000 Self-Serve Fueling Terminals.

Manufacturing of the M3000 was discontinued in 2017, and as a result, new replacement parts from our partners and suppliers are limited, or in some cases no longer available. This has made it impossible to support the 3000 to the standards that our customers expect. Thus, we no longer offer software updates, replacement parts or technical support, including telephone technical support, for your M3000 Self-Serve Fueling Terminal. 

We regret any inconvenience this announcement may cause; unfortunately, providing support for older units is simply no longer feasible.  It is important to note that your unit may continue to operate as normal beyond the end of support date, however, you will not be able to obtain software updates, telephone support or replacement parts for your unit after June 30, 2020.

As such, you may want to consider upgrading to the M4000, our newest and award-winning self-serve fueling terminal and take advantage of a special discount we are offering for M3000 users.  The M4000 was designed with many new technologically-advanced features that make fueling operations easier for your customers and fuel management easier for you.  

If you have questions regarding this notice or would like more information regarding the M4000 special discount for M3000 owners, please call or email sales at 303-444-3590 or Sales@QTpod.com