QTpod M4000
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M4000 MultiDisplay

This high visibility, multi-line display was designed so that pilots can monitor their fueling transaction from their aircraft. This becomes particularly helpful when a pilot is trying to balance his or her fuel load on twin engine aircraft, eliminating the need to keep walking over to the fueling system to see how much fuel has been dispensed. The bright LED's also attracted pilots and boaters to your fueling location at night while displaying your current fuel price. The beveled lenses of the display also ensure that your customers can see the displays clearly even in direct sunlight. 

"The new display is a keeper! The acid test was being able to read the display in sunlight from more than 75 feet away from the unit and also at an angle of about 30 degrees either side of the center axis."
- Pat Mornin, Sibran Properties, June 2009


The weights and measures regulators in several states are adding this requirement to the certification of self-service terminals. With the same rugged design as our original high visibility display, the MultiDisplay meets the needs of all
FBO's large & small.


M4000 Cover Combined.png

M4000 All-Weather Cover

Protect your investment. The M4000 All Weather Cover is custom made for a perfect fit to keep rain, snow, dust and dirt off of the system and keep it looking great for years to come.


m3000 Surge.jpg

M4000 TLX-50 Surge Suppressor

Protect your investment. This robust surge suppressor is designed to protect the M4000 terminal from lightning and electrical surges.

M4000 terminals equipped with the
TLX-50 enjoy the added benefit of lightning damage coverage under and initial warranty and Platinum Service Plans.


M4000 Technical Support Documents

M4000 Quick Wiring Guide.PNG

M4000 Installation Quick Reference Guide:

This guide provides a brief overview of the power and pump wiring in the pedestal of the M4000. Specific wiring may differ with varying dispensing equipment, so please contact QTpod technical support for specific wiring instructions.

M4000 Site Prep and Installation Guide.P

M4000 Site Preparation & Installation Guide:

This guide explains the site preparation work necessary for installing the M4000, such as the placement of the system within the fuel farm area, conduit placement for pump control wires and communications lines. The guide also explains the wiring of the system as well as covering basic operations and diagnostics features of the system.


M4000 Sample Specifications sheet

M4000 Engineer & Consultant Documents


M4000 Sample Specifications Sheet

Overview of the M4000 specifications for bid packages and submittals.


M4000 Sample Bid Specification

Sample bid specification language which can be used for bids that include the M4000 system. Configurations may vary depending on site conditions, so it is recommended you call QTpod so any modifications to this specification can be made, if necessary.

SiteMinder Fuel Software.PNG

SiteMinder Fuel Software User Guide

Guides users through the various features and functionality of the cloud-based Siteminder Fuel Management Software. Change fuel prices, view transactions, monitor inventory, create analytical reports, create customer house accounts with discounts and more from any web-based device.