Our QTpod Story


QTpod was the first company to develop and market a self-serve fueling solution to the general aviation market back in the 1980s. Our history began with a pilot stopping in critically low on fuel at an Alaskan airport. Unfortunately, there was no one around to allow him access to the fuel, so he had to sleep in his plane until someone returned. Self-serve fueling was just beginning to take hold in the automotive market and this pilot’s experience made him realize there was also a need for such devices in general aviation as well.


Necessity being the mother of invention, this pilot realized that there was an opportunity to bring self-serve fueling, a convenience beginning to be commonplace in automotive fueling, to the general aviation community. He proceeded to design what would be the first self-serve fueling system for aviation, the Model M1200. The model M1200 gave fuel vendors the opportunity to reduce their labor costs, capture after-hours sales and provide their customers with the ability to quickly fuel without waiting for an attendant. This innovative pilot also designed a fuel management software platform which would assist the fuel vendor in managing their fuel sales business. The current manifestation of that software is caller Siteminder. Through contacts with the various oil companies and fuel resellers, he was also able to design his system so as to accept branded fuel cards.

Today, QT POD has roughly 1,600 installations at airports, marinas, and various other fuel operations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our products have become known as the standard bearer for fuel management due to our innovative products and industry-leading support.

The introduction of our award-winning model M4000 has been a game changer for self-serve fueling in the aviation and marine industries and has opened a new chapter for our company and our customers’ fueling operations.

QTPod Management

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Kyle O’Leary

VP, and COO EPIC Fuels 
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Matt Duncan 

General Manager QTpod