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Siteminder Fuel Management Software

Siteminder Fuel Management software automatically performs what would otherwise be time-consuming accounting tasks, from collecting data and producing analytical reports to making your fuel operation more efficient and profitable.


By capturing sales data from the QTpod Self Service Stationary Fueling Terminals, Siteminder gives you on-site or remote access to the transaction, inventory and customer information you need to make sound business decisions. Using Siteminder, you can analyze stored data or generate instant customer, sales and inventory reports. Siteminder includes sales totals and inventory statistics in common international currencies and volume units.


Our gateway software allows information to be exported to Microsoft Excel, 
which can be imported into many popular FBO management software platforms.

For information or questions about our Siteminder Fuel Management Software, please call 888-512-5332 or e-mail us at


  • The web-based portal allows management of M4000 remotely from any device with a modern web browser

  • Real-time automatic transfer of pricing and account changes, transaction details, and history

  • Total view of sales data including date, time, total sale, volume, customer name, and tail #

  • Apply discounts to individual cards or to entire card types.

  • Fuel inventory tracking and tank level history reports.

  • Cloud-based hosting ensures data is protected in an enterprise-class datacenter – no need to perform on-site backups of a database file

  • Configure access schedules to allow/disallow unattended usage during specified time windows

  • In-house proprietary card capabilities that allows for discounts, statements,  payments, and adjustments to save on credit card processing charges for based tenants/customers.

  • Multiple report options are generated to PDF format for easy printing or to email.

  • Reprint customer receipts to PDF

  • Configure custom receipt headers and footers

  • Ability to Customize Display Messages at Terminal

  • Transaction data export to third-party software platforms

  • Siteminder user account management – create additional logins for employees


Customize the M4000 configuration settings for your location including max sale amount, batch close time, request tail or vehicle number, reject unregistered users and more!


View all of your fueling transaction data at a glance through our fully customizable transaction view. Apply different filters to view transactions by date, fuel type, card type, tail numbers and more! Easy export functions to integrate with third-party software platforms such as FBO management software.

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